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The Littlest Mermaid

Adaptation of Rusalka (Dvořák, Kvapil)

This charming adaptation takes audiences beneath the waves on the journey of a lifetime! Meet Rusalka as she follows her heart's desire to become human. But when her magical pact with the Sea Witch requires her to give up her voice, Rusalka's life and love are jeopardized. While this opera ends happily—unlike the original—don't be fooled. Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid thrills as our heroes risk everything for the chance to become whom they were always meant to be all along.

Approx. 40 min

Cast List

Rusalka— Soprano

Rusalka’s Sister/Prince’s Sister— Mezzo-Soprano

Sea Witch— Mezzo-Soprano or Dramatic Soprano 

Prince— Tenor

Past Productions

Florida State University (2013)

Arizona Opera (2017, 2018)

Des Moines Metro Opera- Opera Iowa (2021, 2022)

Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid: Projects
Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid: Video
Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid: Music Player
Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid: Pro Gallery

Perusal Scripts

Selections from libretto below. Contact Opera Classroom for perusal piano/vocal score.

Scene 1&2 Excerpt

Read this excerpt from the beginning of the show. Meet Rusalka and her sisters as the drama unfolds.

Scene 3 Excerpt

Read this excerpt from the middle of the first act. Meet the Sea Witch as Rusalka makes a bargain to become human.

Final Scene Excerpt

Read this except from the final scene of the show. After Rusalka and the Prince declare their love, the Sea Witch arrives.

Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid: Files
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