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Figaro's Playground

Adaptation of Le nozze di Figaro (Mozart, Da Ponte) 

Welcome to Figaro Elementary! Cody and Suzanne are best friends and spend each day at recess playing their favorite games. Trouble begins, however, when Clementine—a new student—joins their class. Clementine is quirky and Cody doesn't want to be seen with her on the playground. What will their classmates think?! Together, the three students must work to resolve their differences, learning to respect each other's individuality. This relatable, tune-filled show explores bullying, conflict resolution, the dangers of social comparison, and the importance of self-acceptance.

Approx. 30 min

Cast List

Cody- Baritone

Suzanne- Soprano

Clementine- Mezzo-Soprano

Teacher- Non-Singing

More information available soon!

Figaro's Playground: Project
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