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Beauty & the Beast

Adaptation of Zemire et Azor with music from Richard Coeur-de-lion (Grétry, Sedaine

Based on the original fairytale, this adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

When a wealthy merchant's ship is destroyed in a storm, he leaves his family to recover the wreckage. On the way, however, he finds a castle ruled by a horrid Beast. Belle soon follows her father and begins an adventure that challenges everything.

This powerful opera speaks to modern audiences, grappling with issues of greed, choice, and the reality that things are not often what they seem.

Approx. 80 min or approx. 40 min (Tour Version) 

Cast List

Belle- Soprano

Beast- Tenor

Marcel- Baritone

Josette/Spirit of the Rose- Soprano

Adèle- Mezzo-Soprano

Past Productions

Arizona Opera (2023)

Des Moines Metro Opera (2023)

Toledo Opera (2024-2025)

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